E3 Strategic Partners offers training on environmental, health, safety, transportation and other regulatory issues.
Also we create customized training for clients on a variety of related topics.
Current courses include:

  • How to be a GREAT Facility Environmental Leader
  • How to be a GREAT Facility Health & Safety Leader
  • How to be a GREAT Regional/Corporate EHS Leader
  • What is Sustainability?  And how can my organization get there?
  • How to be a GREAT Sustainability Leader
  • How to Establish and Run a Facility Internal EHS Audit Program
  • How to Establish and Run a Corporate EHS Audit Program
  • Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) Bootcamp for Non-EHS Leaders
  • Ins and Outs of International Product Safety
  • Greenhouse Gas (GHG/Carbon Footprint) Modeling and Management 101
  • Sustainable Universities
  • SafeLand/SafeGulf
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    Customized training sessions generally offer better value, and can be tailored to meet your requirements.

    SafeLand and SafeGulf are the standardized health, safety and environmental orientation for US oil & gas exploration & production.  Over 25 of the leading oil and gas operators accept this orientation as it meets their requirements. Upon successful completion of course, each student is issued a picture ID with a unique barcode. The student information is then stored in an online database.

    Topics included are:

    • Confined Space
    • Rigging
    • Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)
    • Lockout/Tagout
    • Fall Protection
    • Hazmat (HM 126)
    • Hazardous communications
    • Personal Protective Equipment
    • Hearing Conservation
    • Emergency Response
    • Process Safety Management
    • Welding Safety
    • Hazwoper (Oper.)
    • Fire Protection
    • Medical Records
    • Forklift Safety
    • Respiratory Protection
    • Electrical Safety
    • Terrorism Response Awareness Program (TRAP)
    • Back Safety
    • Alcohol and substance abuse awareness
    • SafeGulf also includes Offshore Orientation

    SafeLand/SafeGulf is available at 2 levels:  Basic Orientation (8 hour) and more detailed Core Compliance (24 hour).  The Core Compliance requires an annual update (8 hour).

    SL/SG Core Compliance Annual Refresher

    On: 4/5/13  Hours to complete: 8hrs

    Because many components of Core Compliance expire annually, a refresher is required to keep the certification current. This refresher course provides a review and update of all subjects that were covered in the 24 hour Core Compliance Course. Prerequisite: Successful completion of an accredited Core Compliance 24 hour course


    SL/SG Core Compliance

    On: 4/2-4/13  Hours to complete: 24hrs

    The Core Compliance program presents information at a detailed level to understand and comply with customers’, OSHA and BOEMRE (Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement) safety training requirements. Includes all topics in Basic Awareness plus Defensive Driving and Medical Records.


    SafeLand/SafeGulf (SL/SG) Basic Orientation

    On: 4/1/13  Hours to complete: 8hrs

    The Basic Orientation provides understanding at an awareness level of certain general safety information that an employee should know before entering a company facility and while performing their assigned work duties.